Home & Shelter, Denpasar

Children over 11 and teens who need special help stay in the YKPA home. They attend area schools, have fun and build self-esteem through extra classes and various activities.

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Home in Tabanan

In Bali's rice fields, disadvantaged children under 12, live safely with loving care, attend area schools and have fun activities.

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Bali Street Kids School Project

Street kids want schooling, but cant go, so for 10 years, YKPA giving informal elementary classes where the kids live. A new bamboo school room HAS JUST OPENED in Kuta slum-like area.

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In Bali children need extra classes, buildings need renovating, and office staff need trainings. Online media and fundraising needs are great.... and more! What are your skills?

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They dolls have been very popular with tourists and children, and an important source of funding for YKPA operations. Because the pandemic caused a total loss of sale locations, we stopped production.

We will rebuild Bali purchasing locations. To buy them now, please come to our Denpasar kids home. We can ship them internationally also. For either choice, please contact us at:  [email protected]