Covid-19 Update

May 2021. Bali weathered Covid without serious numbers, and is vaccinating at a high rate. We are grateful to the public who donate food and like supplies to keep us going over this last year through lockdowns and rare visitors.

Since YKPA affords keeping kids in-residence and in-school by tourist/visitor donations, we are still struggling as tourist numbers are nearly zero. The important profits  for operating, coming from the sale of our handycraft dolls has been zero, but shows signs. Again, we are grateful for the few people who recognize our situation and can donate funds. We are so-far keeping utilities paid. Staff have been let-go, and those few key care staff are at great salary reduction.

Its hard for nearly everyone now, especially with the many thousands of local families without any income. We give what food and clothing we can to local families.

Despite all the above difficulties, we must help more kids. YKPA Denpasar are taking in four more teens in big need.

Welcome to YKPA (Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak), known as “Bali Street Kids Project”. We are a nonprofit organization giving disadvantaged children loving care, education, and skills they need to grow.

The YKPA ‘family’ is made up of two orphanage/homes. Our first in Denpasar is for older kids. The second home is an hour drive away in Tabanan for younger children. We also have a school for street kids in a slum of Kuta.

Your support means so much to them. Come by for a visit. Let us know ahead of time, if you can, by emailing care4child@ykpa.org. For more information, see our “How to Help” page.


Bali Street Kids School Project

COVID-19 UPDATE:  This school Project is not open. The children must stay wherever they call home outside the city.

For the past 10 years, YKPA has been providing informal elementary classes to street kids. These kids have no other alternative for education. Weve built and opened a bamboo school in one of Kuta’s slum-like areas where kids come for informal education that is government authorized. The kids can advance through elementary education.

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In normal times, YKPA helps children at the two homes, provides the street kids with schooling, brings food and clothing to remote areas, assists children with surgical care needs, supports women with safety from abuse, and gets actively involved in earthquake and volcano eruption relief for children, including food, emergency lodging, etc.

All tourists will be able to order medicines online, now there is a very favorable offer for the purchase of generic Viagra.

YKPA kids

Join Us!

Our disadvantaged kids in Bali need extra classes (online). Their buildings require repair & renovationand office staff have to undergo training. Media attention and online fundraising are desperately needed in order to help us reach these goals. If you’re hoping to get involved, tell us your skills at care4kids@ykpa.org.

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feet together

YKPA Home Denpasar

YKPA teenagers, as well as our younger children with disabilities requiring therapy, live at the shelter we built in Denpasar. They attend schools in the area (pre-lockdown), have fun and build self-esteem through extracurricular classes.

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YKPA Orphanage Tabanan

In the rice fields of central Bali, our kids under 12 live in a safe and supportive environment, focused on loving care and lots of playtime.


Handicrafts (currently shuttered)

Our village moms love hand-crafting these fair-trade dolls with passion and purpose, which make unique gifts for friends and family. Currently, these dolls are only available at a few shops in Bali, in the USA online, and at our Denpasar childrens home. Please email about these:  care4child@gmail.com

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