General Donations

This is the easiest way to give. Let us direct your funds to the greatest need. That could be school costs, food, medical care, car repair, staff salaries, etc. Donations go to our nonprofit Paypal account then to our nonprofit bank account. We reply to you showing how the funds are used.

Child Sponsorships

Donations for the costs of a child's living, school, and basic medical expenses average $100 USD/month/child. Children attend special classes from local people that sometimes we must pay for (dance, etc). There can be many costs we are required to pay. Some children require 2 sponsors if they have big medical expenses, and older kids have more school fees and costs. Actually, ANY donation towards these costs is gratefully received.

Special Situations or Targeted Donations

We have crisis and other special one-time needs. On the Paypal donation form, one can add a note for how the funds are to be used. Both you and YKPA receive instant notification of your donation, and we will direct your funds as desired.


YKPA nonprofit organization bank account:
Permata Bank
Cabang Pura Bagus Taruna
JL. Pura Bagus Taruna no. 522X
Legian Bali 80361 Indonesia
Account name:  Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak
Account no:  5801300482
Swift code:  BBBAIDJA


Stichting Terima Kasih

YKPA is very grateful for this nonprofit organization in the Netherlands helping to support YKPA through fundraising.


Do you have questions? Want to receive the newsletter? here .

Stichting Terima Kasih
Plaggeberg 27
3956 BK Leersum

Terima Kasih Foundation, Utrecht
Account number : NL05RABO by
Chamber of Commerce number : 50028235

Hand-by-Hand International Foundation

HBHIF is just newly certified as a charity in the USA. Donations to HBHIF will be tax-deductible and assist YKPA. Please be patient as the organization gets established. HBHIF is based in San Diego California. Send email to:

hbhif logo.fw